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running a Microsoft server approaching end of life? don't want to spend big?

Cloud Solutions Hervey Bay

Microsoft Cloud Solutions are leading the field in functionality and capability. By choosing a local Hervey Bay Microsoft Cloud Partner and IT specialist, you are choosing to get more out of your microsoft experience, to leverage our 20+ years experience in the field to bring you the desired outcomes, to be able to advise you on the choices to be made and to support you through strong customer service.

Eliminating the need for inhouse file server storage space


SMEs agree it would be easier to not maintain local server infrastructure

Teams with SharePoint homesite

Video Source: Microsoft Mechanics

Microsoft Viva Connections enhances employee engagement by providing a tailored, company-branded experience within everyday applications like Microsoft Teams. In this episode, Adam Harmetz, the lead engineer, joins host Jeremy Chapman to guide you through the user interface, setup procedures, and the flexibility of customizing information sharing based on roles.

For those new to Microsoft Viva, it encompasses four modules designed to revolutionize the employee experience in areas such as knowledge, communication, resources, learning, and insights. These modules leverage the robust foundation of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, and AI to deliver a contemporary employee experience platform.

Microsoft Teams Tutorial

Video Source: Microsoft Mechanics

A comprehensive tutorial covering the entire end-to-end process, designed to simplify communication and enhance collaboration within your teams, is now available. Aya Tange, the Microsoft Teams Product Manager, joins host Jeremy Chapman to guide you through the core functionalities and highlight the latest enhancements introduced. Our dedicated team has been tirelessly working to provide you with the optimal user experience. This includes optimizing the service itself and introducing novel features that promote authentic human connections when using Teams. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or working remotely, Teams has you covered. Explore our Quick Links to delve into each new update in detail.

Enterprise Grade Protection

Video Source: Microsoft Mechanics

Tailored for companies employing up to 300 staff members, transcend the conventional antivirus solutions and embrace proactive device protection with the recently unveiled Microsoft Defender for Business. This innovative system not only helps prevent attacks but also effectively responds to sophisticated threats. It seamlessly operates across various platforms, including Windows Defender for MacOS and iOS.

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. In this informative session, Security CVP Rob Lefferts joins Jeremy Chapman to demonstrate the straightforward setup process and showcase how this system functions across a wide range of platforms, encompassing Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

migrate email boxes - migrate files - managed service

Email cloud migration involves moving an email system from on-premises servers to a cloud-based email platform. This transition offers benefits such as scalability, accessibility from anywhere, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced security. We provide careful planning, data migration strategies, and user training which are essential for a successful email cloud migration.


Thanks for making this less daunting!

Our office Manager was terrified of the prospect of having such a large IT migration at her hands but Lee and the team made it a straight forward process - thank you so much, appreciated. Very much recommended.

Jonathan B.

Delivering cloud solutions to our Hervey Bay customers

Servicing Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Maryborough and sunshine coast regions

Choosing a Hervey Bay local Microsoft partner offers several advantages. Partners possess extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s product range, allowing them to provide expert advice tailored to your organization’s specific needs. They can customize solutions to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. And of course we are on the ground and able to help.

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